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Treatment Options

Treating Children

Allergies are under treated in young children. Often, they are looked at as being "just allergies". What parents don't understand with their stuffy, runny nosed child is that it can and does significantly impair their energy as well as their ability to focus and concentrate. Allergies directly cause ADHD which is endemic among today's youth. Never mind how it directly leads to an increased incidence in ear infections, asthma, eczema, and ear infections.
Two girls laughing with little brother in a field of high growth.
Allergy Drops: The Best Allergy Treatment for Children
Young female demonstrates placing drops under her tongue.
Allergy shots are not commonly offered to children under the age of five. This is due to their potential for causing a life-threatening allergic reaction referred to as anaphylaxis, We can treat children in early infancy, since that reaction does not occur with our method. Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic has safely and effectively treated dozens of infants over the course of Thomas Willim's career with allergy drops when all other treatments have failed.
Common Childhood Conditions We Treat
Young asthmatics are particularly more prone towards needing emergency room visits and hospitalizations for asthma attacks, due to their comparatively small airways.

It is much the exception to the rule for a child to still need inhalers, breathing treatments (nebulizers), and oral steroids after only two or three months of (using) utilizing the drops.
Thomas Willim, PA-C examining young boy's arm.
Eczema, another very common and troublesome condition in children, resolves at warp speed, rendering the use of powerful steroid creams unnecessary within a matter of weeks.

Recurrent ear infections go away as well, as a high percentage of ear infections in children are directly caused by poorly treated allergies. Nasal congestion causes ear congestion which results in ear infections.
Case Study

My son, Shaun, is a perfect example of this. He was getting ear infections every couple months up until about two years of age.

When his pediatrician suggested that we send him to an ears, nose, and throat specialist for the consideration of surgery for ear tubes, I instead started him on the drops. His nasal congestion resolved and he stopped getting ear infections, ending his need for antibiotics and surgery.
ADHD, a very common childhood issue goes away with drop treatments as well. A wonderful alternative to powerful medications.
Why Allergy Drops are Great for Children
Allergy drops are a natural first choice for the treatment of children. First of all, they eliminate the inconvenient twice weekly trips to the allergy shot doctor which including travel time can consume 2-4 hours a week for these visits. Thankfully, it also avoids the inevitable pep talk and negotiations necessary to talk a young child into submitting to the painful shots.

Passing on the shots and instead spending 10 seconds to place drops under your child’s tongue eliminates that scenario.
Young girl holding dried dandelion.
When you consider the fact that drops provide a much more effective method of treatment, it quickly becomes a no-brainer when considering how best to treat your child's health issues. Drops are hands down the most effective method available for the treatment of your child’s allergy-related conditions. When all else fails they rarely disappoint.

Our Allergist here at Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic is the nation’s leading expert with this amazing technology,  and has used them with great success for over 27 years, longer than any other American.

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