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Treatment Options

Food and Peanut Allergies

If you have food allergies and have been seen by an allergist that does allergy shots you have undoubtedly been told to simply avoid consuming the foods that cause you problems. That is because they have no treatment for food allergies. This is not always easy to do and you may actually like those foods and do not want to have to stop eating them.
Image of hand in "stop" justure in front of tray with peanuts.
At Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic, we eliminate the problem at its source and train the body's immune system with the food allergy drops so that patients can safely consume those foods, either intentionally or accidentally, without suffering significant, or even life-threatening reactions.
Do Elite Allergy Drops Work for Food and Peanut Allergies


The answer is a resounding yes! Our Allergist worked in a Mesa office that in 2012 became the first clinic in the world to have a safe and effective treatment for peanut and food allergies. He continues to use these same food allergy drops with his patients to great success.

What Foods can be Treated?
Teen age girl at grocery store looking at dairy product label.
Using a comprehensive serum mix, we treat for 59 different foods which include milk, egg, wheat, rice, soy, and shellfish, as well as peanuts and tree nuts.

This covers most all foods a person is likely to come in contact.
How Long Until I See Results?
Results can be seen in as early as 2 or 3 months. They must be continued for a total of three years in order to provide a long-standing remission of many years or lifelong cure.
What are Food Allergy Drops Made of?
Food allergy drops are composed of two all-natural ingredients. The active ingredient is the allergy serum which is composed of the purified extracts of 59 different foods, it is mixed with sterile water that contains glycerin, a natural preservative.
How are They Administered?
By simply placing them under the tongue with a dropper bottle.
Are There Side Effects or Risks?
Since the serum is all natural, side effects are rare and minimal should they occur.
At What Age Can Treatment be Started?
Any age! Children as young as infants can be safely treated using our all natural drops.
Who are Appropriate Patients for Treatment With Peanut and Food Allergy Drops?
  • Individuals who have had severe allergic reactions to various foods are obvious candidates for treatment.

  • Less obvious candidates, but who can derive equally life altering benefit, are those who have suffered for years with significant symptoms of abdominal cramping, bloating, loose stools, etc. For these individuals, extensive testing by their GI specialist has failed to reveal a cause and all treatments have failed in providing relief. They are typically told they have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which has no cure, when in actuality, 70-80% of these patients have untreated food allergies as their actual cause. For reasons unknown the vast majority of these patients are women.
Young female grimacing and holding her abdomen due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
How Did This Treatment Come About?
In 2010, a high-profile study between Duke and Cambridge Universities showed that tiny amounts of peanut protein when used in an under the tongue drop format were safe and highly effective in the elimination of peanut allergies.

EAAC immediately adopted the treatment, becoming one of the first five offices in the world to utilize this method.

Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic took it one step further, theorizing that since it worked so well for peanut allergies that it would also be as effective in treating all other foods. Within a couple weeks we made a formulation that included all foods. On that day EAAC became the first clinic in the world to have a safe and effective treatment for not only peanuts, but for all foods.
How do the Allergy Drops Work to Get Rid of My Food Allergies?
Thomas Willim, PA-C holding vial of allergy drops.
These drops are absorbed into the bloodstream through small, hair-like structures on the tongue called cilia. By slowly increasing the concentration of these foods over several weeks, the body ultimately becomes desensitized to these foods resulting in a reduction and eventual elimination of the individual’s food allergies. It is, in essence, a vaccination to food allergies.
Within a few months of treatment patients find their severe symptoms resolving rapidly as their bodies now learn to coexist with the foods that had previously caused them so many problems.
Can I Again Eat Foods to Which I Had Life Threatening Allergic Reactions?
While it is possible that they could be eaten without harm, we strongly advise against this and recommend that foods causing prior reactions of that magnitude not be consumed.

Our Allergist at Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic is the nation’s leading expert with this amazing technology. EAAC continues to have great success in using Food Allergy drops for more than 12 years.

Call 480-999-2559 to make an appointment to put yourself on the path to becoming food allergy free!