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“He immediately put me at comfort as it was obvious that he was not only very knowledgeable about the topic but passionate about his craft.” …Stacey R.

About Thomas Willim, PA-C

Thomas Willim deeply cares about his patients. Ensuring that they receive the very best allergy care available is his driving force.

Even after thirty-eight years in medical practice, his dedication and passion for changing his patient’s lives has only grown stronger. He is unrelenting in this quest.

Tom’s special combination of competence and caring provides patients with renewed hope and excitement as they leave his office for the first time.

In 1996 Tom became the third American to work with the allergy and asthma method well recognized as the most effective allergy and asthma treatment in the World.

Their technical name is sublingual immunotherapy more commonly referred to as “Under the Tongue Allergy Drops”. Their high success rates, quick onset of action, convenience and safety are unparalleled. Surprisingly, this is all accomplished at a reasonable price.

With Tom at the helm, his patients' allergy-related issues improve rapidly, in many cases, relief comes within a few short weeks.
Thomas smiling at the camera.
Thomas and with male patient discussing at his desk.
Thomas Willim and young boy smiling at camera.
EAAC's Allergy Drops
The drops are made from all natural ingredients that he obtains from Greer Laboratories in North Carolina - the best source of allergy extracts available. Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic's (EAAC) mixture covers 170 different allergens and protect patients world-wide,  in contrast with the 5-15 regional allergens most Valley allergists use in treating their patients.

EAAC's drops cost 10 times more to produce, but improved patient’s outcomes are well worth the investment. Patients will be  pleased to know that Tom chooses not to pass these costs onto patients and continues to provide the lowest fees in the Phoenix area.

Medical Training
Thomas Willim received his medical training at Mercy College of Detroit. This small, but prestigious college in his home state of Michigan was the #1 ranked Physician Assistant (PA-C) program in the country over academic powerhouses including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Duke. While Tom is quite proud of his title as a PA-C and identifies himself as such, his patients still invariably refer to him as “Dr. Tom” or “Dr. Willim”.

When not in the office, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons in Fountain Hills, where they have called home for almost 30 years. He loves watching many sports as well as riding his mountain bike, and traveling around our beautiful state and beyond.

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