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Banner image with female holding eye dropper and vial of allergy drops.
“My husband and I had to fly into Arizona for a family wedding. I took the opportunity to schedule an appointment with Tom and get on the food allergy drops. Within two months of being on the food specific allergy drops my symptoms had completely resolved.” …Shalise B.

What are Under the Tongue Allergy Drops?

Under The Tongue Allergy Drops (also referred to as sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT, for short) are an extremely effective, yet relatively underutilized method for treating allergies.
What Makes Them, Without Question, the Most Effective Available Treatment for Allergy-Related Medical Conditions?
The process involves taking the same allergens that are injected in allergy shots but are instead placed under the tongue in drop form.
How do the Drops Work?
They work by having the patient place tiny doses of allergens under their tongue from a dropper bottle each day. Patients take them in the convenience of their own home, gradually increasing the dose for the first 3 months. Then a single daily drop of maintenance serum is all that is necessary to eliminate the symptoms, with a longstanding remission or cure commonly seen after three years of treatment.

It accomplishes this by educating the individual’s immune system to coexist harmoniously with allergens, rather than overreacting to them, ultimately reducing and then eliminating allergic responses.
How and Why are These Allergy Drops Better Than Allergy Shots and Other Treatments?
Young female demonstrating drops under the tongue.
Allergy drops (or sublingual immunotherapy) is far more effective in several key parameters and is why allergy drops are really the only choice between the two methods.
By simply placing the Elite Allergy Drops under your tongue you will watch as the curse of your chronic sinus infections quickly resolve before your eyes and in 75%  cases, within 1-2 months.
The Numerous Advantages of Allergy Drops Over Allergy Shots
Drops vs. Shots
  • Success Rates - Drops 90% vs. Shots 60%

  • Speed of Onset - Drops 1-6 Mo. vs. Shots 6-24 Mo.

  • Anaphylaxis - Drops NO vs. Shots YES

  • Age Restriction - Drops NONE vs. Shots >6 YRS

  • Convenient - Drops VERY vs. Shots NO

  • Years of Treatment - Drops 3 vs. Shots 6

  • Allergens Treated - Drops 170 vs. Shots 5-20

  • Region Protected - Drops WORLDWIDE vs. Shots Southwest USA

By simply placing the Elite Allergy Drops under your tongue you will watch as the curse of your chronic sinus infections quickly resolves before your eyes and in most cases, within 1-2 months.

Success Rates
Speed of Onset
1 to 6 Months
6 to 24 Months
Age Restriction
6 Years

Years of Treatment

3 Years
6 Years
Allergens Treated
5 to 20
Region Protected
Southwest USA
Success Rates
Allergy drops work for 90% of patients versus only 60% with shots.

Onset of Action
Allergy drops begin working very quickly with 50% of patients having excellent symptomatic relief within a month and 90% in six months versus shots that typically require at least 6 to 12 months in order to see results.

Allergy drops are extremely safe and can be used to treat infants versus shots, which due to severe and potentially fatal side effects, prevents their usage in children under six years of age.

Number of Allergens Treated
Allergy drops provide treatment for an amazing 170 different allergens, thereby protecting you no matter where you live or travel in the country or world versus shots, which only provide regional protection to allergens only found in the Desert Southwest. Thus, making patients vulnerable to allergy and asthma attacks when they are outside the Southwest.

Elite Allergy and Asthma clinic's (EAAC) business travelers, professional athletes, and people who just like to travel across the country and around the world love the fact that they don't have to worry about breakthrough symptoms since they have worldwide protection.

Allergy drops are painless versus shots which are obviously painful.

Cost Effectiveness
The drops are very cost effective. They are approximately $100 monthly for the first 3 1/2 months and then $80 monthly for the remainder of the three years necessary to provide a long-standing remission or cure.

The fact that patients only need to be seen for a total of 12-15 visits over those three years versus the hundreds of visits required with allergy shots over six years dramatically reduces their costs relative to shots while making them far more convenient.

Are Drops Treated for Food Allergies?
With drops, the answer is a resounding “yes”. We were one of the very first clinics in the world to offer treatment for both food and peanut allergies versus shots for which they don’t offer a treatment for food allergies.
Worldwide Acceptance
Allergy drops are considered the “Gold Standard” in the world for the treatment of allergies and asthma.

They are utilized almost exclusively by every other country except for the United States versus shots which were abandoned by other countries 60 years ago because of the numerous advantages that drops have over shots as listed above.

Shots, as it turns out, are substantially more profitable than allergy drops for our American allergists with some suspecting that is the reason why drops are not utilized here in the United States.
Holding a bottle of Allergy Drops.
The Other Things That Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic (EAAC) Does Better Than all Other Allergy Clinics Who use Our Program.

Experience Matters at Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic
Thomas Willim, PA-C is mega-experienced running the program, having been one of the country's early pioneers of this amazing method. It takes years to properly understand how to properly adjust the patient's drops dosage in order to provide them maximum symptom relief.

The Other Allergy Clinics - Not So Much
The vast majority of clinics doing drops in the Valley have only been working with them less than 5 years. Another important fact is most of the allergy or ENT offices in the Valley with their mid-levels actually seeing the patients. At EAAC, Tom performs all of these functions himself. There are no other employees.

Allergy Drop Ingredients
Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic sources all of its testing extracts and allergy serum from Greer Laboratories in North Carolina. Greer has the distinction as being the world's best source of the ingredients which determine whether a patient will or will not have the best chance for a cure. There are other, far less expensive options than Greer, but Tom refuses to compromise when it comes to his patient's health.

Administration Based on Skin Tests
The majority of clinics who use allergy drops ONLY compound the drops based on the patient's skin test results.

A skin test, while considered the “GOLD STANDARD” for determining what patients are allergic to ultimately has limitations.

Skin tests have inherent and problematic flaws in that they can indicate that a patient IS NOT ALLERGIC to a test allergen WHEN IN REALITY THEY ARE!

At Elite Allergy and Asthma Clinic, our program treats for ALL of the possible allergens (170), regardless of how they test.  "By treating for "everything", it guarantees that each patient will have 100% of their allergens treated. Offices which only treat for the allergens their patients have tested positive for on a skin test run the very real risk of failing to treat for many of the allergens for which the patient suffers.